Green IT: Reduce Your Information System's Environmental Impact While Adding to the Bottom Line

This groundbreaking work offers a complete roadmap for integrating environmentally sound techniques and technologies into your Information Systems architecture. Green IT explains how to adopt a business-driven green initiative and provides a detailed implementation plan.

You’ll find strategies for reducing power needs, procuring energy from alternative sources, utilizing virtualization technologies, and managing sustainable development. Case studies highlighting successful green IT projects at major organizations are included.

A companion website - - was also created specifically for this book. It contains a detailed chapter summary and all of the URL links that were included in the book.

Keep your organization in the green with help from this guide.

  • Work within current global initiatives and standards for e-waste
  • Minimize power usage and use alternative cooling methods in your datacenter
  • Transition your office into a paperless environment
  • Equip your organization with green hardware, including EPEAT-, RoHS-, and ENERGY STAR-certified machines
  • Implement efficient datacenter design in terms of energy consumption, cooling, server configuration, consolidation, cabling, redundancy, and more
  • Virtualize servers and storage using the latest technologies from VMware, Microsoft, Compellent, Incipient, and others
  • Measure existing datacenter efficiency using current metrics, and track progress with Business Intelligence tools
  • Establish a green supply chain
  • Explore the Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Manage ongoing compliance and sustainable growth

From the Back Cover
"Green IT is a social imperative that meets the needs of business. This book guides organizations in applying environmentally sound practices to business and technology decisions--helping them reduce their consumption of resources, energy dependencies, and costs. These issues are real and the time to act is now." --Adam Warby, CEO, Avanade

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